Punishment and Enhancement

Maturaarbeiten, Luzern, 2017
Maturaarbeiten, Luzern, 2017

I was very impressed by the exhibition of college thesisis of the canton of Lucerne. A wonderful opportunity to gain insight into a broad range of topics. Liked economics and behavioral sciences but was mostly fascinated by political reasoning. Do people psychologically rather enhance or punish? Whom and how? Are there differences between countries?Especially interesting with the left wing. Loving swiss politics, because there are fundamental differences in the argumentation in different cantons. Often asking people how they feel, and believed the bloke with the coffee machine had my voice at this age.

Unfortunately different sciences are using different wordings, even if speaking of more or less the same phenomena. In political magazines they might subsume it under “angel shift” and “devil shift” and enumerate dozens of combinations and strategies.


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